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Cyber Security Services Strategy and governance
Properties SubscriptionManager Properties Explain

After the SubscriptionManager setting has been added, run the following command to ensure the policy is applied:

gpupdate /force

Configuring the event collector computer

Run the following command to configure the Event Collector service:

wecutil qc /q

Create a source initiated subscription. This can either be done programmatically, by using the Event Viewer, or by using Wecutil.exe . For more information about how to create the subscription programmatically, see the code example in Creating a Source Initiated Subscription . If you use Wecutil.exe, you must create an event subscription XML file and use the following command:


wecutil cs configurationFile.xml

wecutil cs

The following XML is an example of the contents of a subscription configuration file that creates a source-initiated subscription to forward events from the Application event log of a remote computer to the ForwardedEvents log on the event collector computer.


When creating a source initiated subscription, if AllowedSourceDomainComputers, AllowedSourceNonDomainComputers/IssuerCAList, AllowedSubjectList, and DeniedSubjectList are all empty, then "O:NSG:NSD:(A;;GA;;;DC)(A;;GA;;;NS)" will be used as the default security descriptor for AllowedSourceDomainComputers. The default descriptor grants members of the Domain Computers domain group, as well as the local Network Service group (for the local forwarder), the ability to raise events for this subscription.

To validate that the subscription works correctly

On the event collector computer complete the following steps:

Run the following command from an elevated privilege command prompt on the Windows Server domain controller to get the runtime status of the subscription:

wecutil gr <subscriptionID>

wecutil gr

Verify that the event source has connected. You might need to wait until the refresh interval specified in the policy is over after you create the subscription for the event source to be connected.

Run the following command to get the subscription information:

wecutil gs <subscriptionID>

wecutil gs

Get the DeliveryMaxItems value from the subscription information.

On the event source computer, raise the events that match the query from the event subscription. The DeliveryMaxItems number of events must be raised for the events to be forwarded.

On the event collector computer, validate that the events have been forwarded to the ForwardedEvents log or to the log specified in the subscription.

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Kent C. Dodds
Making software development more accessible · Husband, Father, Mormon, Teacher, OSS, GDE, @TC39 · @PayPalEng @eggheadio @FrontendMasters @JavaScriptAir · #JS

NOTE: This is a cross-post from my newsletter . I publish each email two weeks after it’s sent. Subscribe to get more content like this earlier right in your inbox! 💌

You’re a developer and you want to avoid shipping a broken login experience, so you’re writing some tests to make sure you don’t. Let’s get a quick look at Womens Hamilton Md Ns Messenger TopHandle Bag Black Black Michael Kors CdIKmv1jQ

Now, if we were to test this form, we’d want to fill in the username, password, and submit the form. To do that properly, we’d need to render the form and query the document to find and operate on those nodes. Here’s what you might try to do to make that happen:

And here’s where the problem comes in. What happens when we add another button? What if we added a “Sign up” button before the “Sign in” button?

Whelp, that’s going to break our tests. Total bummer.

But that’d be pretty easy to fix right?

And we’re good to go! Well, if we start using CSS-in-JS to style our form and no longer need the and class names, should we remove those? Or do we keep them because our tests use them? Hmmmmmmm..... 🤔

What I don’t like about using class names for my selectors is that normally we think of class names as a way to style things. So when we start adding a bunch of class names that are not for that purpose it makes it even to know what those class names are for and when we can remove class names.

And if we simply try to reuse class names that we’re already just using for styling then we run into issues like the button up above. And . The core issue is that the relationship between the test and the source code is too implicit. We can overcome this issue if we make that relationship more explicit.

If we could add some metadata to the element we’re trying to select that would solve the problem. Well guess what! There’s actually an existing API for this! It’s attributes!

So let’s update our form to use attributes:

And now, with those attributes, our selectors look like this:

Awesome! So now, no matter how we change our markup, as long as we keep those attributes intact, then our tests wont break. Plus,

Here’s a little utility called (short for ) that I use sometimes to make this a little easier:

This is great for Womens Piacenza Shoulder Bag S Shoulder Bag Gerry Weber oUoXriHmM
as well. So I suggest that you use it for that too! However, some folks have expressed to me concern about shipping these attributes to production. If that’s you, please really consider whether it’s actually a problem for you (because honestly it’s probably not as big a deal as you think it is). If you really want to, you can transpile those attributes away with .

I hope this is helpful to you. Good luck! Enjoy:)

Things to not miss:

18kt rose amp; white gold Happy Spirit diamond pendant necklace Unavailable Chopard 1yKV6X



“Why don’t you use attributes instead?”

The problem with using is you shouldn’t include more than one of the same on a single page which could definitely happen if you’re trying to use it for something like this. It also is less explicit about the purpose than is. So I still prefer :)

“What about selecting based on content?”

Just ask my friend Kyle Shevlin 😅

So yeah… Don’t try to select for something that’s not intended for testing…

“What about a convention for the class name? Like all prefixed class names are ‘for tests’?”

I think that’s fine. Except I’m not huge on conventions where they can be avoided. There’s something nice about attributes for me. Data attributes can literally be used for anything, and using in the name of the attribute automatically makes it clear what the purpose of this thing is. Whereas I have to learn what means, and it’s less obvious so it could easily be forgotten when it’s no longer needed.

“What if I’m iterating over a list of items that I want to put the attribute on. How do I distinguish them from each other?”

Whelp, first off you can make your selector just choose the one you want by including in the selector. Or you could include the index or an ID in your attribute: . I’ve done this and it works great:)

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By Julia Macfarlane
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Daniel Leal-Olivas/AFP/Getty Images
WATCH Trump Claims US Murder Rate 'Highest' in '47 Years'
medium foldover clasp tote bag Pink amp; Purple Zanellato WzVKIWo

London’s monthly murder rate has overtaken New York City’s for the first time in modern history, according to new figures from the Metropolitan Police and the New York Police Department .

Interested in United Kingdom?

Modal Scarf Behold by VIDA VIDA bT6wPex0
Add Interest

In February, 15 people were murdered in London, against 14 in New York. But in March, London had 22 murders, slightly more than the 21 in New York, according to London Metropolitan Police figures that have not yet been officially released but which were confirmed to ABC News.

This may seem like an unreasonable question, but if you think about it from the employer’s perspective, they are trying to hire someone to fill a gap or hole in their team. They have real, usually time-pressing needs and they want to see at least improvements in the issues they’re facing when they hire you. Therefore, be prepared to talk about what you think you will accomplish in a 1 to 3 month horizon. Ideally this is based on a clear understanding of what the job entails and what the company’s challenges are.

Having questions for interviewers is a must; this question and answer exchange is pretty typical at the end of the interview. No matter how tough or breezy the interview may have been, it’s common advice that you should always Crayons Bag Bugs crocodile and snakeskin pouch Fendi FWZ61
. And generally, we think you should take the chance to show that you're thoughtful, and ask a question that illustrates your insight and curiosity. However, don't force a square peg into a round hole and ask a question only because you feel like you have to.

If you’ve been sitting with the interviewer for over an hour and been having a very in-depth conversation about the business, it’s ok to skip the question and simply reiterate that you’re even more interested in the job after the interview and believe you’re a great fit for the role. However, if you do have one or two questions that you haven’t been able to squeeze in, now is a good time to ask if those questions. An open-ended question about company culture that is thought-provoking is always a good idea if you have one.

Remember, job interviews aren’t a time to try to wing answers to questions that you know there’s a high probability of being asked. Committing several of these questions to memory and rehearsing for these job interview questions and answers will go a long way to making you feel — and sound — more confident!

Finally, don’t forget to send a job interview SilverTone Enamel Earrings Silhouette kGkbi88
letter -- even if it’s just a quick
thank you email after an interview . Following up is key!

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